· ☕ 25 min read · ✍️ River
Popup content can offer users a wide range of dynamic content options on a page - and lazily-loading popup content can do this without increasing loading times. Here’s how I’ve built a framework for both static and lazily-loaded popups.

Highlighting disambiguations
· ☕ 29 min read · ✍️ River
Disambiguations are typically somewhat user-unfriendly, especially when a wiki has a relatively low percentage of pages that are disambiguated and so the presence of one is unexpected. Here I describe my method for improving quality of life when disambiguation links do appear.

Gadgets for code organization
· ☕ 6 min read · ✍️ River
Though it’s mostly used as a way to let wikis have opt-in or opt-out CSS and JS features for users, the Gadgets extension is a great way to organize code instead of using Common.css and Common.js for everything.