Use cases for Highlight Links in Category
· ☕ 7 min read · ✍️ River
Highlight Links In Category is a very small MediaWiki extension that applies classes to links based on the links’ targets’ categories. It has a number of incredibly nice use cases; here I give some examples.

Adventures in caching primary keys
· ☕ 15 min read · ✍️ River
The pattern of store -> query -> store -> query can lead to caching nightmares when working with Cargo or SMW in MediaWiki. This is the story of how I dealt with one.

The Anti-Thanos Snap That Wasn't
· ☕ 9 min read · ✍️ River
The story of the April Fools Day joke for 2020 that I didn’t do, and the “Snap” that we may or may not still do.

New Roster Changes
· ☕ 24 min read · ✍️ River
An overview of the process I used to create our single-source-of-truth roster change database tables on Leaguepedia. This post originally was created as a user page on Leaguepedia.