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Introducing the SORCERER example wiki

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Have you ever struggled to create Cargo tables to represent crafting in a video game? Have you ever wanted to harvest & craft resources in a game without needing to fight any enemies? Or do you really like MSPaint drawings?

If so, SORCERER (Super-Original Really Cool Example Roleplaying Emulator by River) might be for you! SORCERER is a web-based video game1 that comes with its own wiki, which you can use as a reference for your own wikis!

Here are all the related links:

I hope you find this useful and fun!

  1. I am using the term “video game” pretty loosely here ↩︎

  2. Somewhat unexpectedly, sorcerer-update has proven to be the most useful part of this project ↩︎

  3. (I wrote sorcerer-update after the fact, in this video I make all pages by hand) ↩︎

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