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My EMWCon 2021 talk

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EMWCon Spring 2021 was held virtually once again, and this year I prepared and gave a talk about coding with Python for MediaWiki wikis. If you’ve read my blog, you probably know that I do a lot of tasks with Python, and this year I spoke about some of my use cases and introduced the libraries I use, including my own two libraries, mwcleric and mwrogue.

Here is the video recording; there were some connection issues throughout, so if you notice some pauses due to cuts partway through, that’s why, though Bryan did his best to crop out all of the technical difficulties (thanks Bryan!).

And you can also check out the slides, which contain some speaker notes with tutorial and download links as I mentioned in the talk; you can also use them if you want to copy paste any of the code to run things yourself.

Enjoy, and I hope you start adding Python to your wiki-editing toolkit!

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River is a developer most at home in MediaWiki and known for building Leaguepedia. She likes cats.

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