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Vscode 2

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Ctrl+left arrow

My friend: Are you using VSCode for markdown?
Me: Yeah, but there’s this really annoying behavior where Ctrl+Left arrow doesn’t behave the same as it does in Sublime, and it’s literally ruining the entire editor for me….
Him: …….
Me: Yeah, here’s how you repro it….

And now that I’ve written repro steps, I can ignore this no longer.

And then when zero of these searches were remotely helpful, I decided this was definitely a bug, so I opened a ticket, and it’s now been patched!

Language configuration

Unfortunately, there’s this one part of the bug report form:

<!-- Launch with `code --disable-extensions` to check. -->
Does this issue occur when all extensions are disabled?: Yes/No

This is entirely reasonable, and I wanted to do my due diligence and check (though in the end I forgot to update my ticket to answer this part!). Unfortunately, there was an update pending when I restarted VSCode.

There was a problem with the update.

Remember how I modified a core language definition file for Markdown? Yeah, turns out you aren’t supposed to do that.

I ended up having to reinstall VSCode completely (and restart my computer! (I REALLY hate doing this)), and in the process not only did it reinitialize my language-configuration.json but it even deleted my entire .git folder from the directory! At least I had put it online…..

So, I guess I’m (eventually) going to have to wade through docs and actually write an extension….

For now at least though, since this is just a Markdown editor, I’ll just go ahead and change back to my modified file, and then know to undo and redo changes each version update. A pain, but I don’t feel like learning the overhead of writing an extension just yet. For a MARKDOWN EDITOR!!!!

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