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Send me your wiki-updating scripts!

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I have a list of example wiki scripts at my aptly-named example-wiki-scripts repo. Currently, this repo is pretty small and only has my own code.

Help me change this! Send me a PR either merging some scripts into this repo or adding items to the README. Right now it’s all Python, but any language is welcomed.

Anything committed to the actual repo should be commented in far more detail than you normally would put; the goal is for these scripts to be educational.

If you don’t want to comment your code that much, no problem! I’m happy to collate links to other resources in the README. Add another item to the list with a link to your repo (can be on GitHub, GitLab, or any other repository site). Include a link to the repo, your name/alias as the author, what language it’s in, and a brief description of what the tool is for (e.g. “common tasks for Leaguepedia” or “my general-purpose article uploader”).

(One caveat, this repo is for scripts to edit wikis. Gadgets and other pieces of on-wiki functionality are OK, but they should be tools for creating, editing, or managing content.)

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