"Disfigured" review

Disfigured is an engaging look at the topic of disability in fairy tales. Why do so many fairy tales deal with disability? Why do the happy endings insist that being able-bodied is a requirement for a happy ending? Through the lens of the social model of disability as well as that of an author seeing her life as a story, Amanda asks why characters in fairy tales must behave certain ways, and explains the damaging consequences stories can have on real people as they shape our real expectations.

"Reading the Vampire Slayer" review

I read this for the nonfiction Bingo square. It was a waste of time, and I should have DNF’d it and picked up something else, but by the time I realized there was zero value in reading it, I was so far through it that I figured I may as well finish it because I didn’t really want to spend the time on another nonfiction book to fill this square.