"The Palace Job" review


Title: The Palace Job

Author: Patrick Weekes

Subgenre: Humor/Heist

2021 Bingo squares: Backlist, Revenge, Genre mashup

Recommend: Yes!

Stars: 5/5


A hilarious heist novel with an ensemble cast, The Palace Job tells the story of a…bookseller who attempts to…acquire and sell a book. Plans are created and foiled, a prophecy may or may not be involved, lots of things go wrong, some things go right, and hilarity ensues.

Don’t go into this expecting any amount of taking yourself or anything you read seriously, just expect to laugh a lot, and you’ll have a great time!

Cover of Words of The Palace Job

Spoiler review

“By all the gods…” Hessler put a hand to his face. “He’s your insurance policy.”

A heist as a side quest when fulfilling an ancient prophecy? Nahhhhhh, we’re all about fulfilling ancient prophecies as side quests to completing our heists!

Really, though, I don’t have that much else to say about this book. The warhammer is great, I love talking weapons. I loved the puppet shows. The mini-heist prison break at the beginning was great. Really I just laughed at this entire book and had an amazing time reading it.

Remember, everyone, it’s your republic! Stay informed!

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